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article Client Area Attention PHP Nuke Users! (php, nuke)
More than half of the most common spam/blacklisting problems derive from PHP Nuke installs on…
Views: 156
article Client Area Do you allow adult content? (What do you allow/disallow on your servers?)
Yes, we do allow legal adult content. Please email us beforehand so we can make sure it falls…
Views: 155
article Client Area How can I prevent my site from being hacked?
Typically, most sites are hacked because of older and exploitable software, or world-writable…
Views: 735
article Client Area How to Password Protect a Directory
This tutorial will teach how to password protect a directory. Password protecting a directory…
Views: 210
article Client Area How To Use The IP Deny Manager
This tutorial will teach you how to use the IP Deny Manager to block access to your web site from…
Views: 196
article Client Area Using Hotlink Protection
Hotlink Protection prevents other web sites from directly linking to certain files (typically…
Views: 96
article Client Area What is Secure Certificates or SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is an emerging standard developed by Netscape…
Views: 159
article Client Area What is the uptime guarantee? Where are uptime reports?
Our network uptime guarantee is 99.9%. Our server uptime guarantee is 99.5%. This means that we…
Views: 87

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lg share en Client Area